So, what is meditation?
First be clear about something : Meditation does not exist.
You will never meet a meditation walking on the beach.
See it as a way to name the transit by an individual from perception (Saññakhandha) to consciousness (Viññanakhandha).
When this transit, this passage, is ultimated, you can drop meditation.

We start with our normal perception, our daily perception made out of the processing by our sixth sense, the mind, of the information received from the other five senses.
Perception is the third aggregate in the buddhist conception of a complete human individual, and consciousness is the fifth, and last aggregate.
The fourth aggregate is concentration, very similar to selective attention.
When you focus your selective attention on something you concentrate on it.
The buddhist conception is to go from perception to consciousness by the development of concentration.
To this means our selective attention rests in only one thing.
The mind focuses on only one thing.
This is the starting point in all meditation schools.
You can focus your mind on a candle, a mirror image, the face of a saint, your breath, the tip of your nose , a mental image of a gigantic HamburgerBuds team , Excalibur or the inner circulation of energy in the pineal gland. It does not matter much.
The essential is that you focus your mind on only one thing.
This is " concentration " , and is the starting point for meditation.
The entry level.
In practicing open focus meditation we meditate with our eyes open.
And our concentration object is everything.
We choose everything as the object of the concentration.
We do not concentrate on looking at the tip of our noses or
the paths of breath or energy.
We concentrate on everything we see, touch, smell, taste or listen and what passes through our minds.
In practice you learn to do this by the visual sense focusing your selective attention to all the layers of your visual perceptive field.
In the normal perception state our selective attention jumps from one object to another. Here we try to give attention to everything, without jumping or focusing on something.
In spanish we call it foco abierto, open focus.
Open focus is a name for this meditation technique.
We give the same qualitative and quantitative attention to all the points in the visual field. To all the objects on it. Just be a witness, a temoin. What the classics called epoptes.
Be impartial like a mirror.
At the beginning it can be very difficult.
You are looking at a wall or at nature, suddenly a butterfly passes, a sound intrudes and there you are, focusing on the insect, analyzing the provenance of the sound.
Maybe you will fail one time and another.
Do not feel guilty. Just keep on practicing for one month, two months... and you will start to experience moments of internal silence.
You will feel like a mirror, reflecting in silence.
Maybe it will be very short moments, just seconds, but you will notice some moments with a very peculiar and new feeling.
Its the entry level for consciousness, the position of the witness.
Suddenly, one day during our practice we keep unfocused when something happens. When the butterfly passes the background remains in focus as well.
Attention is undivided.
Some call this one-pointdness.
This is the initial minimal foundation level to receive Initiation.
When this base of concentration has been created and nurtured with daily practice it is possible to start meditation by focusing our selective attention on the witness.
Look for the looker.
Look for what the christians call soul.
From the normal perception we can not see our real being. Our soul.
But from consciousness we can become this soul that is one and all with the tai chi.
We become pure consciousness.
Meditation is tuning into oneness.
Meditation is Consciousness without mind.
" Pure Consciousness, beatiful and perfect. " in words of Boddhidharma , founder of the zen buddhist sect.

Is it difficult? You bet!
Can it be done? Yes, by everybody with a strong and clean motivation.
How can I start? Today. Now.
Just go to the following link and start the practices that we recommend there now. Meditation Assistance.
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